Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bye bye colic, Hello bedtime

I think I can officially state that Callie has gotten over her colic. It's been about a week with no hysterical crying fits, literally zero! She still cries but only if she needs something, no crying uncontrollably without being able to be consoled. Callie is a much happier baby and I am a way happier mommy too! I attribute some of this to her getting older but some also to our new sleep routine. She sleeps at night more and also takes naps during the day. Last night she went to bed at 7 and slept this morning until 9:30 am! We did get up 4 times for eating but it's still a success to me. We will work on longer periods at night without eating but this is a HUGE improvement for now.
The new bedtime routine is 4 B's; bath, book, boob, bed. Usually when we put her to bed she cries for 10 minutes, but tonight she didn't cry at all! She just fell asleep as soon as I put her down. Bedtime is 7 pm. This leaves me enough time to eat, clean up and relax a few minutes before getting ready for the next day.
Here is Callie after her bath tonight. I think this is her favorite part of the routine. She splashes and kicks and laughs in the water.
Lots of smiles from me :) I am enjoying my happy baby!

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