Saturday, July 7, 2012

11 weeks and best flying baby ever

Callie is officially 11 weeks old today. I'm hoping todays behavior is the new norm. Today we flew from San Diego to Hartford with a layover in Chicago. Callie was an excellent flyer! She slept through the extremely long check in line. Then slept most of the flights, layovers, etc. She ate on the ascent and descent but never even cried the whole trip. She was awake a little while and played with her toys. When we landed there was an hour car ride home and she slept again! I can't believe how good she was. Our little devil being an angel on the day when we really needed her to. What an awesome baby!
Thanks to uncle gooberhead for recommending a new invention, flue baby seat which was a life saver. It's a infant seat that goes on the tray table then around your waist to make a little sling seat. Here we are on the plane.
Lots of photos and stories coming f our adventures with the Gladue's in CT.

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