Saturday, July 21, 2012

3 Months Old!!

Today Callie is 3 months old! So many new things to talk about today. Callie has been visiting with my college fried Lynn who came all the way from Long Island to see her. She has been amazing today :)
We went yard saleing this morning and grandpa babysat. We bought lots of good toys and stuff while we were out but our number one buy was a 25 cent book! It's called healthy sleep habits happy baby. We read just some of it and decided to go with their theory that going to bed before being overtired and putting them down when they shows signs of sleepiness. Well we tried it and it worked! She took 3 naps today and I put her down awake. Then tonight I put her down at 8:15 awake and she was screaming and I thought never would go to sleep. However at 8:30 she was miraculously asleep. She woke up at 9:30 to eat and went right back to sleep! I can't believe it. I'm hoping this really works for her :)
Also we went to buttonwood farms for the sunflower fields and ice cream although the sign was too long for ice cream.
And lastly we went to watch grandpa play softball and cheer him on to a victory. She was so well behaved during the whole game. She was talking and screeching. Screeching is her new noise. She just learned how to make these new noises and really has been getting loud. Callie thinks its very funny.
Here's to a rough 3 months down and hopeful for a turn around to a happy sleeping baby! Love this little muffin to pieces, She is just the most beautiful little girl!

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