Monday, July 23, 2012

Callie back in Cali

We made it back home this morning. It was a long plane ride. Callie behaved for the most part but didn't sleep much compared to the ride out and her typical sleep patterns. The dogs were excited to see her and licked her a bunch.
She has been fussy today probably because we woke her up so early and she didn't get enough sleep. She already had her bath and I am trying to get her to bed now since its after 8 on the east coast and she has not adjusted back yet. So far it's not working and she seems overtired, so it may be a bad night.
Here is a photo of Callie in the ergo waiting in the long security line at the airport with her hand on her face. I felt the same way.
And here is a photo of her tonight happy to be home.

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