Friday, July 13, 2012

Callie meets Griffin UPDATED

Griffin arrived from NC with Taylor and Brad late last night. Callie got a new kiddie pool today and so Griffin came over to swim with her. I took all the photos on my camera and the battery died so I can't upload any of those yet, sorry.
They had a great time splashing in the pool. It was really warm thanks to daddy making about 50 trips with hot water to add to the hose water. It was like a bath, about 90 degrees. Griffin was able to crawl around and sit in the water. Callie sat on my lap and kicked her feet. Griffin was very interested in Callie and gave Callie her very first kiss!! We didn't even tell Griffin to kiss her he just scooted over and started kissing her face. He got a little carried away with open mouth all over her for several minutes! Callie didn't mind and I was just giggling in the background. Taylor better watch out because Griffin sure is a ladies man!
They played for over 40 minutes in the pool. We can't wait for griffin to come back and play another day.
Here is a photo of the pool and I'll post the others later if I can get the camera going (didn't pack the battery charger but hoping a little help from a friend :))

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