Friday, May 1, 2015

Straws and Bikes

Diego finally learned to drink from a straw. He was drinking so fast and can even drink from the straw that has a spill proof valve and you need to suck stronger. Yippie we can move away from sippy cups and it's almost time for no bottles. And he is into crawling up and down the stairs.
And today PaPa Ed arrived. Callie was so excited to pick him up at the airport and he had told her he would buy her a bike for her birthday. She had already picked it out and has been talking about it all week. I stayed home with Diego while they went to the store but she was all excited when they got home. She couldn't even wait to take the plastic off the tires and lower the seat. She rode it up and down the block and she is fast! I can barely keep up with her walking fast. I'm sure we will be riding all around the neighborhood. Her first big girl bike!

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