Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing moms I know. Who knew that being a mom was such a hard job. Nothing really prepares you and once you become a mom I think you have a whole new respect for your own mom. As a mom I look back at things my mom did and know why she did them now. I look at my two little kids smiling faces and know why I do everything I do. And my Mother's Day was just perfect when Callie excitedly presented me with the butterfly art she made me at school. It just melted my heart and I'll be proud to hang it in my office tomorrow. And I extra lucky to have GiJu, Grandma, GaGa, and Grandma Kay all in our lives. The strength of these women could move mountains and Callie can learn from each of them and will. I wish I took more photos this Mother's Day but in being busy and just enjoying my morning, I just forgot. I took these few at lunch with my kids and they make me smile :)

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