Saturday, May 30, 2015

Productive Day

I had an incredibly productive day for being home alone with the kids. Juan and all his family have left for Monterey for Mariahs big graduation party. I thought it was too much travel for the kids right before our cross country flight and I didn't have any vacation so it was too short to go. So we stayed home. Luckily for me they have been behaving :)
Callie woke up really late, I actually woke her at 7:15. D and I were up at 5:30 as usual. We had breakfast, I put away the dishes, dropped manny off at the vet, came home. At  nap time Callie and I made a cake from the recipe Grandma Kay sent us in the mail, and then homemade dog cookies for Manny since he was stuck at the vet. When Diego woke up I fed the kids lunch, drove back to pick up Manny (he has a skin infection but is fine), stopped for frozen yogurt as a treat. Once back at home I cut both kids hair, gave D a bath, played a bit. Then during nap time I made Callies baby a bunch more clothes as Callie wanted something to pack for her trip to CT. After nap time we went to Grandmas house to let out and feed Bella. Stayed and played a bit, then home for dinner (Callie ate all her veggies so she got to try her cake she baked) and playtime til bed. It felt very productive, I'm tired now!
The best part was that the kids were behaving all day! Let's hope tomorrow is more of the same. I think they missed me all week.

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