Saturday, May 9, 2015

12 months old = 1 year old!!!!

I attempted to take the kids photo together and Diegos one year photo on Tuesday so I'd have time to make some nice Mother's Day gifts. Unfortunately for me and the moms in my life my kids didn't cooperate and then I got sick. I've been down and out for days with this flu virus. I've barely been managing caring for myself and the kids when Juan isn't home and have been sleeping any spare moment I had. I took the kids to the doctor Friday and Callie has an ear infection too. So it's been a rough week. We didn't get the photo I wanted and I am still going to try again but for now I'll share what I have, the ones of D alone are ok.
Diego also started walking on his own this weekend. He went from taking steps only when encouraged and pushed to climbing furniture and walking off on his own. He is steady and cautious and it's such a huge change from watching Callie learn to walk.
So what's D doing at 1 year old??
He still loves his bottles but he's drinking only formula now which is a nice break for me but I also somewhat miss feeding him. He's getting big and it was time but I was surprised that I cared about switching to bottles more than him. I think my milk supply was getting too low for him so he just preferred the fast easy bottle. He is eating less solids and is a picky eater! He prefers anything starchy like bread, bagels, cereal, crackers. He eats fruit well but is terrible with eating vegetables and meat. He also has been happier with puréed foods now as before he hated to be fed mushy baby food. He learned to drink out of a straw this month and so soon it will be time to get rid of all the bottles. Maybe in the next month.
He sleeps through the night pretty consistently a total of 11 hours, still going to bed at 6:30. If he wakes and fusses he can go back to sleep by himself in a few minutes.
Callie and Diego are starting to play together more. He really enjoys playing in her kitchen and they are playing with more things together. I still have to encourage Callie to share as her first response is to hoard everything and take things out of his hands but she is learning slowly.
Callie is learning to ride her bike better. Today we made it around the entire block. It took us 35 minutes and she stopped a lot of times and needed help up the slight incline side of the block but we made it all the way around. She got a new bike helmet since her old one was too tight. She picked a Frozen helmet with a tiara on the front. I bought a helmet for me too since I told her she had to wear one she wanted to know where mine was. I figure I better lead by example. ;)

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