Saturday, May 23, 2015

Manny's 11th birthday

I almost forgot it was Manny's birthday today but then I got an email from the vet which reminded me. So he didn't get anything special, but we did take him for a long walk, give him extra treats and Callie shared her pretzels at snack time. And we told him happy birthday a bunch of times. He's getting quite old at 11 years, but still doing pretty well.
Callie got some new shoes. We let her pick the, out and as much as I tried to talk her into anything else she was insistent on the purple sequin Sohoia the first ones. She really likes them and has been wearing them even in the house! I also took her to the Hello Kitty store and she picked out a travel toothbrush for our upcoming trip and a pair of Hello Kitty scissors. This kid loves to cut up paper.
We went down to Jorgitos new fro yo store in IB in the afternoon. It's really cute and right on the beach. I think they will do well and I am sure we will visit again. Callie got to see and hold baby Ava again. She was excited to see Ava and she is getting big fast.

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