Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy Birthday GiJu

I forgot to post these photos last night as I was so busy making cupcakes for Diegos party! It was GiJus birthday! We had to call pretty late in CT time as I worked all day yesterday. We called her on FaceTime to say happy birthday and Callie showed her the birthday present she made her. It's a frame and she drew the picture inside of her and GiJu holding hands. Cute huh? Callie was proud and she did all the coloring, glue, gems 100% by herself! I only suggested we cover the frame all around but then let her do her thing. We will send it to her with PaPa Ed. Happy Birthday GiJ love you and miss you!

This is Diegos new move. When he gets tired he lays down on the floor with his stuffed animals, just like he does in his bed. Crazy boy!

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