Friday, May 15, 2015

Rain rain stay all day

It rained hard all day and I loved it! We needed water plus it was a good excuse to wear sweatpants all day. Somehow the rain pushed me to start a sewing project I've been wanting to do for over 2 years!! I wanted to sew a leather bottomed bag for years. Callie must have been 9 months old when I bought the piece of leather for the bottom. Then I never did anything. I have never sewed leather before and wasn't sure I could even do it on my sewing machine. Well today I endeavered to see that bag I'd thought up years ago. Not only did I start, but I finished! The entire bag project is complete! I was too tired to take a photo tonight but I'll get one tomorrow.
While I took on a big project Callie sat and focused on building a 40 piece calling puzzle. I was impressed how much she has improved and she did most of it on her own. The sky and trees were a bit difficult and she needed some prompting to look for certain colors or items when finding pieces but overall she did most by herself. I was proud and so was she!

And Callie still helps put away the silverware. I need to come up with more chores... This one was a real winner that has carried on and on.

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