Monday, May 4, 2015

Bikes for two

Four years ago for my birthday my parents bought me a bike. I was riding it around the beach area when I was playing kickball still. Then I got pregnant and stopped riding. I left it with Nicky for years. This weekend I brought the bike back home so I can ride with Callie. Today was our first adventure with two bikes, luckily we had PaPa Ed to help, 2 bikes, one dog, and one little man in his red car is a lot to handle around the block. Callie is getting really good at pedaling now but has yet to master the brakes. We need to work on that as she's a hazard to herself. That and her head is so big her toddler helmet no
longer fits. This week we need to go get some helmets. I've been trying to get her to go to target for two days but she just prefered to play with PaPa at home. You can see poor Diego in the photo hidden behind my bike. And PaPa and I both took a turn riding around with Callie.
Today was PaPa Eds last day as tomorrow he goes home. Callie isn't too happy but I keep reminding her in one month we will be in CT at his house! How exciting!! Thanks for a great visit PaPa, we loved having you and all our fun adventures.

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