Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day

What a nice long 4 day weekend for me :) yesterday we visited my friend Kristen and Callie played with Dimitri for hours. They are the best playmates! They can play pretty independently, share well, and never fight. It's really quite incredible as she isn't this way with most of her other friends. We had a nice visit and great food. Here's a few shots of the kids riding their bikes together. I also got a photo of the ice cream store visit with baby Ava and Callie. So here's a glimpse of that.
And today we had a BBQ at Grandma and Grandpas where I ate way too much food because it was delicious. Diego climbed up and down the stairs a hundred times and he wore his new cowboy hat. He didn't even mind. He wore it for 30 minutes without ever trying to take it off. He's a true cowboy!
But now my long weekend comes to a close and I have some long days to work before our trip back to CT, so don't worry if I don't get posts up. We are fine just incredibly busy.

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