Friday, February 28, 2014

Visiting more friends

Callie has been thrilled with the fact I keep taking her to play with other kids. This morning I finally got around to visiting my friend Kristen and her new baby Daphne that is now 3 weeks old. Her older son Dimitri is 2 years old and Callie and him finally play nicely together. Callie was surprisingly nice to the baby wanting to kiss her and hug her and was pretty gentle. I'm hoping she acts the same way towards Diego. She liked all Dimitris toys but she wasn't into sharing her snack I brought. I forced her to share as Dimitri was sharing everything so nicely with her and I knew she wouldn't finish it anyways. She wasn't as nice when it was time to leave and refused to accept a hug from Dimitri no matter how many times he tried. Poor kid. He was persistent but Callie was more stubborn and won out this time. We stayed until past her regular nap time then headed home in the crazy rain storm. Yes you east coast people you heard that right... Rain storm and I don't mean sprinkles. We have real rain here and all day.

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