Thursday, February 27, 2014

Callie's first dinner date

This afternoon Callie and I went to visit some of my friends and their kids. We went to Amy's house and my friend Doris came with we daughter Isla as well. Callie loved having other kids to play with. She was most drawn to Matthew the oldest boy at 3 years old. They played play doh and trains and Callie was amazed with his trucks, basketball hoop and "boy" toys. We stayed late as Amy lives in Poway and the traffic at rush hour is really bad back to our house, which is pretty far. We got take out and Callie had her first dinner set sitting at a kids table with Matthew by herself. She did an excellent job besides getting rice all over the floor. The kids made me laugh as you may notice they both had utensils but were shoveling food with their hands. We stayed for cake, strawberries and whip cream as it was Amy's birthday this week too. Callie had such a fun time and she said thank you and asked Matthew if he would come over another day to her house. We didn't get home til 8 pm, 1 hour after bedtime. She fell asleep in the car. What a fun evening with friends :)

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