Saturday, February 15, 2014

Shopping for Diego at "kea"

Callie loves ikea or "kea" as she calls it since she can jump on the beds and try out all the pre-set up kids rooms displays. Today we took her to get all the stuff we needed for Diego's room. I know it's early but it's one more thing I can cross off my list and feel good about. Plus I have an overflowing suitcase full or clothes an a box full only up to 6-9 months. I figured if I had a dresser ready I could put them away :)
So anyways we knew what we wanted but stopped to play a bit in the kids rooms. Then while we were gathering the furniture, Callie was trying to help daddy but was more in the way, Tia Mari and Tio Bo showed up to visit. It was perfect because they babysat while we made sure we had everything and checked out. I need this personal babysitting when I shop with Callie everytime!
So now we just have to build everything which is always an adventure. Wish us luck!

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