Sunday, February 16, 2014

Building Diego's room

Juan and I spent most of the day assembling ikea furniture for Diego's room. I didn't get any photos of Callie since we were mostly tying to get her to play independently, watch tv or play games on the iPad. She was much more interested in the tools and "helping". At one point I had Juan just take her to another room so I could finish the drawers for the dresser. It took us over 4 hours but it's done. I can say that I'm really glad we chose to do this early. Last time when we did Callie's room I remember being so large my belly was ways in the way and it was much harder. This time I could still manage pretty well. Juan did all the lifting and organizing and I mostly just read directions and put in the screws, and boy were there a lot.
No photos of the room until it's done... You are going to have to wait quite awhile as I have a long way to go.

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