Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! I snapped some Valentine's photos of Callie again this year using the same heart we used last year. I also dressed her in a nearly identical outfit. What a difference a year makes?! She looks so big to me! She sent Valentines out to her grandparents and aunts and uncles, but they may have not made it to the east coast in time. Sorry guys back east, not only are you stuck in the snow but the mail is late too. Juan and I don't do anything big for Valentine's Day usually, but this year we wanted to be sure to do something special for Callie. We got her Valentine's balloons, Minnie Mouse rings, a monkey pillow pet, and a bubble gun. I also wanted to be sure she had a fun day, so we made chocolate covered strawberries and apples in the morning for all of us after dinner and I took her to the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day, nearly 80 degrees and sunny. She was thrilled to be at the beach for the first time in over 6 months. She wore her fancy bathing suit with the tutu that Tia Eliana bought her last year as its the only one still big enough to fit her. It was quite fitting for Valentine's day although not too practical as the tutu got filled with sand. I snapped these photos when we first got there before she looked like a wet sandy mess. The water was so cold, but she didn't care. My feet were numb and tingly the water was so cold and Callie was in up to her waist at times. She would have gone further if i let her but the waves were strong and it was freezing! We only stayed an hour since we had dinner plans to go out with Jeana and Christian to Phils BBQ. And also Grandma and Papa came out to meet us there too. Callie wasn't too happy about the dinner, but I had extra snacks in my bag so she ate random things for dinner. Then we came back home to eat our chocolate covered strawberries and she got to stay up an hour late. I think she had a great day. And she got plenty of gifts too without any being candy which was great. Jeana and Grandma also brought her presents today. I would say she is one spoiled little girl and lots of people love her. I know I love that munchkin to the moon and back and Juan and I couldn't be happier than to have her as a daughter.

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