Sunday, February 23, 2014

A crabby laundry Sunday

Callie woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. She started out crabby and ended even worse. I'm not sure if she was tired from all the excitement of the weekend or its the terrible twos starting early but she really challenged my patience today. In the morning we went to Grandma and Grandpas to visit, have a second breakfast and say bye to Carmen, Natasha, and Cole. Callie was somewhat crabby there although a little less. At home she didn't want to take a nap then when she finally did she woke up 45 min later because she pooped and I couldn't get her back to sleep after a change. She was obviously tired and even more crabby now after such a short nap. She did sit nicely with Juan and relax while watching some cartoons for a short while but besides that she was a real pistol. She had to be moved away from the dinner tale for throwing food and screaming and didn't eat barely anything even though we got her favorite takeout, she kept insisting she wold only eat chips. Then the crying continued to bath and bedtime. I am so glad she is finally asleep. I hate to say it but I was counting down the time til bedtime. I just needed a break. Besides that Juan and I finally got around to emptying Diego's closet and washing all his clothes. Juan did a total of 8 loads of laundry today and we have more boy baby clothes on sizes newborn to 6 months then I think Diego cold possibly wear. I doubt he will be seen in the same outfit multiple times. Taylor has passed on all her boy baby clothes now that her two boys are getting bigger so as baby Lincoln outgrows them she is just sending them to me. thanks Tay, you're a lifesaver :) if you read my blog this is also a hint hint not to buy me any more baby clothes for Diego.... We will be asking for diapers and wipes for my baby shower in March instead.
Now that my patience has been tested and I am ready for some "me" time, I am sitting down to a glass of milk and Girl Scout cookies as a treat.

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