Tuesday, February 11, 2014

No more sleeping bag

I've been bragging about how I can keep Callie in her crib and she doesn't try to climb out as she sleeps in a sleep sack which we lovingly call the bag. Well just this week she decided she doesn't want to wear it anymore. She takes it off in the middle of the night and just doesn't want it. She is big enough and knows ow t cover herself with her blankets so I agreed to stop putting it on her and tell her to cover herself like a big girl. Now I'm just hoping that this transition doesn't mean she learns to climb out of the crib. I'm avoiding using the toddler rail because to be honest its nice to have her safe and secure in her crib. She can't get out and pull all the books off the shelf or open the dresser drawers and pull the clothes out. I'm just hoping she is satisfied with the big girl blanket and she stays put in the crib for awhile longer. I not ready for her to grow up to the big girl bed yet!!

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