Monday, February 17, 2014

Holiday time off

I had the day off today and spent the day with Callie. I wanted to be sure she had some fun since I felt like yesterday she was just on the side while we were busy building furniture. Today we went to get food for manny at the vet as he eats special food. It just so happens that our favorite frozen yogurt place is in the same plaza, so we stopped in. As soon as we left she asked to go to the park. What a smart kiddo! So we went since we weren't in a rush. Today was more about the field, the tennis court, the basketball court and bleachers than the actual playground. She was pointing out the circle on the basketball court and walking the bleachers like a balance beam. Everything was great until it was time to go. I think the terrible twos are setting in... I said it was time to go and she threw a for saying no. So I said ok mommy's leaving and started walking to the car. I walked pretty far, probably 70 yards but could still see her. Usually as soon as I start to leave she says mommy wait and comes chasing me down. Then she started climbing higher on the bleachers even though she knows better. She never came and I had to go back to get her and she threw a real fit all the way to the car, thrashing and yelling. Ugh.. What a terrible end to the park trip. She was tough for an hour after this but then settled back into lovable Callie. It was still a good day despite the small setback. And now back to work tomorrow... At least it's only 3 days this week.

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