Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jeana's Baby Shower!

Yesterday was a rough day for me. I woke up horribly ill and couldn't stop vomiting all day. I could barely get up from my bed to the bathroom and was exhausted. I couldn't watch Callie and Juan had to go to work but luckily Nena agreed to take her for the day and keep her occupied. Tia Nena, Carmen, Natasha, and Cole were all there and kept her having fun. Carmen even took all these photos of her :)
I thought I would be able to go get her by lunch but I was wrong. By then I was leaving for the hospital. I spent 5 hrs in the ER getting fluids and drugs to stabilize some of my blood levels from dehydration. They spent a bunch of time checking out Diego and I had a full ultrasound exam to be sure everything looked good for him and he checked out perfect. They had no idea why I was so sick but I got to go home by 7 pm. I was exhausted and didn't eat a thing all day.
Today was Jeana's baby shower. Since I was still recovering from yesterday I took a long nap when Callie did and we showed up very late for the party. Callie had a fabulous time and helped open most of the gifts. Jeana was showered with love and gifts and it was a nice afternoon. I didn't take any photos but Carmen sent me just a few.
Tonight Cole came home with us to hang out and Callie was thrilled to have him there. He played with her and read her bedtime stories before mimi time. She was exhausted after such a busy day and went right to sleep. And I'm still recovering and am exhausted too and am off to bed at 8 pm.

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