Sunday, September 22, 2013

Visiting the Bodycott's

Nicky and Hunter are one from their honeymoon, so today Callie and I went to visit them. Callie enjoys rampaging and exploring other people's ones and the Bodycott house was no different. Callie got to see their dogs too which was quite a treat for her. Winston was the highlight and she was obsessed with him. He can do some tricks including shake which Callie thought was so funny. The dogs are rambunctious and big so it was all hands on deck to manage the dogs and Callie so no photos of that meet and greet. We took her for a walk to the local yogurt shop for a snack. She walked all the way there and home (it's pretty close though). We walked in the alley instead of the sidewalk since its a main road and she thought that was pretty neat. She was nosy to anyone riding their bike, walking, or just being in the alley for any reason. She also liked to stop and see the birds and some mess that Hunter dubbed caca and she immediately repeated!
Hunter took these photos of her walking in the alley. Thanks guys for letting us visit.

Juan has been away all weekend for the Chargers game which ended in disaster and disappointment. Poor Daddy. Callie has been asking for him but when we call him she ignores him. Then when we hang up she asks for him again. Typical Callie... So I took this video after we hung up to send him to see she really does miss him! I miss him too, watching Callie all alone an be daunting! He comes home tomorrow and tonight Callie spent the night at grandma and grandpas so. Don't have to wake her at 5:30 to get dropped off before I got to work. Thanks grandma and grandpa :) can't wait for daddy to get home! We miss you!

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