Saturday, September 21, 2013

17 Months!

Today Callie is 17 months old! She's getting big so fast. Here's a few new things Callie can do:
1. Run!
2. Repeat repeat and talk some more. Callie has at least 100 words now. Her language has just exploded in the last month. She repeats things we say very quickly and can put together words, usually just 2. Some interesting things she says are NoQuiere all the time! I blame Nena for this one, he he. Peeeeas anytime she wants something and she knows she might not get it. Cooking and kitchen, she talks a lot in her kitchen but we don't always understand her.
3. Sing along. She now can sing along with Old McDonald and Wheels on the Bus. She basically does the spuds and hand gestures for wheels on the bus. Ill try to get this on video soon but it's mostly in the car so I can't while I drive.
4. Flush the toilet, about 50% of the time. She is obsessed with poo poo and wants to flush the toilet every time I go to the "potty".
5. Walking on tippy toes. I don't know why she does this but now he can stand on her tippy toes she can walk around on them too.
7. Reach the front door handle! Tippy toes means she can reach a lot more things including the handle to the front door. We lock it with the deadbolt so luckily she can't get out but that doesn't stop her from trying!
8. Get in and out of the bathtub. I can't turn around to get the toothbrush or towel anymore because Callie will climb right out! She has also climbed in with all her clothes on!
9. Climb on the couches. She can climb on the couch, finally, and that means she torments the dogs when they are sleeping. She can also reach a lot more by climbing on the couch so I have to be more strategic were I put the no no items.
10. Avid pretender. Callie really enjoys playing pretend with her baby and in her kitchen. She pretends to pour milk and stir food. She even makes sound effects which are so cute!

I think that's all I can think of for now. Callie is one amazing child. She is strong willed and so independent and I know that's because she is a little bit of me ;) she is also one smart cookie. Her language skills amaze me and her ability to identify people and objects is incredible. She can even associate objects. This week I was talking to Juan about a new elementary school and she started saying NaNa NaNa. And I was like why does she say stuff that makes no sense and be so adamant about it. I said Callie I don't know what you are saying and then she gets even more mad and says school NaNa. And then it clicked! The only way she knows school is because we tell her Eliana is going to school so she associates those two things together. Impressed? I was!

Here are some photos from today. In the smoothie photos she is doing cheers with the cups. So cute!

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