Sunday, September 29, 2013

Happy Wedding Day Susan and Loren

Today Callie and I went to Susan and Loren's wedding. It was a warm afternoon and we were in the hot sun. Callie kept cool and busy during the ceremony playing in the ice cooler full of water at the end of our aisle. She did surprisingly well staying in that little area and being quiet for the ceremony. I mean she wasn't silent but the other people around told me they couldn't hear her. We are snacks, read a book and played with bubbles to stay quiet in the back row. The book was the biggest problem as she points out items she knows. Then we waited a long time until the wedding couple arrived. Callie enjoyed the mashed potato bar and fruit array as a snack and then we cut the line for dinner since it was bedtime and we had to go. We didn't get to stay for dancing and fun which is too bad because Callie would have loved it but she was tired. She fell asleep as soon as we got in the car. All in all pretty successful considering the circumstances and it was just me and Callie this time. Happy Wedding Day Susan and Loren!
Here is Callie with my work crew! CVMTU!

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