Tuesday, September 17, 2013

CT Apples

Yet another post that didn't upload, jeez I am on a role...

Today we received a box in the mail. To Callie's surprise it was filled with clothes. As she pulled the clothes put of the box she saw the actual object in the box and exclaimed "Apple!". Even though she just had a snack and lunch she still insisted we eat the apples. GiGi always sends me some Macintosh apples since they are my favorite and they never have them at the store in San Diego. There is something about these apples. They are perfectly crisp but not too crunchy and just the right amount of sweet. These ones made it in perfect shape no bruises thanks to the clothes that kept them protected.
Callie enjoyed the apple and we shared one since I knew she wouldn't be hungry enough to eat a whole one.
Here we are enjoying our CT apple, thanks GiGi.

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