Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pool Day

Callie is lucky enough to have friends who live in communities that have pools. Today we went to visit Isla and Doris to swim in their pools. Yep that's right, plural pools. Their community has 4 pools. We stuck to the two kid friendly pools but that was plenty. Callie loved jumping in (by jumping its more like falling off the edge) into the pool, well into my arms so she doesn't go under water. She also loved sitting at the edge kicking the water and of course running around the outside. They also had a toddler pool which was about15' round and only 1.5 ft deep. It was warm and perfect for Callie. She wants to be so independent and this way she could be. She did trip and go completely under a few times by she is tough and I scooped her up quickly. Parvin, another work friend, came to visit as well and got in on the pool fun with the babies. Callie had so much fun playing in the water, it makes me think we really need a pool at our house. She was tired by the time we left from all that swimming. She fell asleep in the car on the way home in just her diaper! It was my fault as I put the pile of our stuff too close to the pool and all our clothes got soaked. Oh well it was warm enough and she didn't seem to mind. Thanks Isla and Doris for a good time.

Baby love, kiss your friend. This was the most successful baby kiss I have ever seen!

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