Sunday, September 1, 2013

Nicky and Hunter's Wedding Day

Nicky and Hunter got married yesterday!! 

It was a great day to celebrate 2 of my favorite people that are just perfect for each other. The weather cooled off a bit so it wasn't too hot and everything was perfect. Callie had her big moment in the spotlight as the flower girl. She did a really good job I think. She walked a few steps down the aisle then stopped. Callie threw a few petals on the ground and then even swung the basket and almost dumped them all. She then realized that everyone was watching and she just stood there and smiled. I think she was proud of herself, like hey I did it aren't you proud of me? All that practice got her to toss one handful of petals and smile. I was at the front of the aisle squatting down encouraging her to walk to me all the way at the front. She just stood there smiling an didn't take a single step. After a few seconds I realized she wasn't coming and I walked up to get her. We then walked together hand in hand down the rest of the aisle. She left right after walking down the aisle as she wouldn't hold still or be quiet for the actual ceremony. We didn't get any photos or videos of the event for now since I was in he wedding and Juan was helping get Callie where she needed to be. However the wedding photographer assured me she got some really good ones and the videographer was there too. So I'm hopeful Nicky will get back some great photos and footage eventually.
For now I have these photos of her in her fancy dress. She loved the telephone in our hotel room and my flower bouquet.
What a beauty that little girl!! 

Smell the flowers daddy

Callie and Mommy

Hello who is on the phone?

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