Saturday, September 28, 2013

Callie's new favorite book: Biscuit Goes to School

Callie has moved on to a new favorite book. This one is a lift the flap about a dog that goes to school for a day. She really likes to hear about school and she likes to lift the flaps. We taught her about a teacher an told her that GiGi is a teacher too. I swear sometimes she says teacher although in this video I got her to say tea at best.
Besides that Juan has been teaching her to count. GiGi taught her to count to 2 wen he was really little and to this day two is her favorite number. It was even what she called LT until she could say T. Well she also likes to say 5 because she means high five. Juan will count and she continuously says 2 or sometimes gets 5. When she says five she then says bravo and claps. I tried to get her to do it on video but she just kept saying 2, although you can see her clap after 5. It's still really cute either way and we obviously don't expect her to actually count to 5 at 17 months. But if the book has teaching moments we find a way to embrace them.
Today we also read a book about the moon. A big kid book about the science of the moon. She loves the moon so much she even watched a movie on the iPad about the moon. It's definitely geared towards 10 year olds but she still liked it. She made GiGi go outside 4 times tonight to look for the moon at her house and then she kept putting her hands up and saying no moon? Gone?
This kid really makes me laugh. Hope you enjoy her learning as much as me even though its not really accurate. Practice makes perfect.

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