Sunday, September 15, 2013

Blowing Dandelions

Today on our walk around the block I saw some dandelion flowers, you know the kind you blow the seeds. I was so excited as I can remember picking them in the fields or even our very large lawn as a kid and making wishes as we blew them away. First off i think this is the first time i have ever seen these here in CA. We don't have many dandelions growing around  in our grass. I thought wow what a great thing to teach Callie today. So I showed her how to blow the seeds off. She was very amazed and impressed. She tried but unsuccessfully, she was just tasting the flowers so she gave them to me to blow off. The bad news is that I only found 4 total and she wanted MORE! I actually forgot to make a wish but just spending the time sharing something new with Callie was worth all the wishes I could have made. I just love seeing her explore new things and especially those that I have fond memories of as a kid. We shared lots of love blowing in the wind with our seeds today, and we even saved 2 for daddy to share with Callie for when we got home.

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