Friday, September 13, 2013

Lunch with Baby Bryce

Callie and I went out to lunch with Amy and Bryce today on our day off. We went to Callie's favorite restaurant, Bluewater, but for some reason she didn't eat that much today. I can't tell if she was distracted by the pop chips or just paying attention to baby Bryce. Last time we saw him he was just an itty bitty baby and now he is a big 9 month old boy. Callie didn't even mind standing in line because she was playing with Bryce in his carseat. The only problem is that she is not very gentle. We need to work on gentle touching of a baby and keeping fingers off the face. The poor kid she just pokes him in the face, then grabbed his entire face when she tried to hug him and then she stood up and stepped right in his fit! Sorry little Bryce.
We had to pay for parking at a city meter. Callie thought it was fun to put money in the meter. We had to put more in later so we didn't run out. Then she kept saying what I thought was "Manny" and I was so confused as there were no dogs and we weren't home with manny. Then I finally got it when she was pointing at the meter, money she meant. Ahh smart cookie. I was out of change so she was out of luck.

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