Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tired Travelers

I am exhausted! I barely slept last night as my stomach was acting up after I went out to eat. I got up this morning feeling terrible and tired and had to pack and travel all day. Callie was up at 4:50 and her schedule is all out of whack. She was a bad traveler today. She napped on the drive to the airport for 45 min and then only 10 min on the plane and 20 min in the airport at our layover. She barely napped! She cried longer than she napped today. She was THAT crying baby. Fussy, wiggly, complaining, walking up and down the aisle. Ugh, it was a long day. We left at 9 am and got home at 9 pm EST, so 12 full hours of traveling. The only good news is she went to bed so late, 6:30 in SD or 9:30 in CT! I'm hoping that helps her adjust to the time change. We will see if I'm up at 3 am. So I'm off to bed early, right now at 7:30 pm. Here is a cute photo of Callie from the airport

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