Saturday, March 16, 2013

Birthday celebration

Today we celebrated my brother and my birthdays, even though its early. There wasn't another good time everyone was available so we figured early was fine. Callie had a ball today. She had 5 doggie friends over and Cindy, Marge and Jon came to play. She loved all the dogs running around, although her favorite was Charlie the little fluffy dog.
She was walking everywhere today. Busy busy just back and forth playing and playing. She got to open 2 presents even though we weren't celebrating her birthday. She had a great time with all the presents. Ed and Heather got her new babies to sleep with since she lost her bear. She loved the soft Elmo and the little bear. She also got a new Elmo book she loved. Grandpa and GiGi got her noisy toys! Musical band instruments which she had a great time with.
When we sang happy birthday we shut off the lights and Callie got scared and cried. We tried to teach her to blow out the candles but to no avail. We will try again before her early birthday here.
Callie got her hand in the frosting and LOVED it!! She licked her fingers and then licked the frosting left on the table. It was hysterical.
We had a great day in CT and enjoyed all the visitors and events today.

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