Sunday, March 3, 2013

First trip to the zoo

Lan came to town with Matt and Ben and I was dying to meet up with them since I haven't seen them in month. I came up with the genius idea we should all go to the zoo for the first time, including Callie and Dimitri and parents. So today all 9 of us went to the zoo for the first time for all the babies. While we had a good time it wasn't the best idea. It's tough to spend time with friends when negotiating crowds of people and seeing animals. The zoo is a BIG place too. We did a lot of walking and only saw 3 areas still, less than a 1/3 of the zoo for sure. The petting zoo was cool so the kids could actually touch the animals. The elephants were pretty cool too. Callie liked when I would make the elephant noises and she would blow back trying to repeat after me. Callie was equally interested in chasing after Dimitri but she couldn't keep up. When she tried to touch and hold him he would run away or get picked up to avoid her. Callie doesn't understand personal space she is a close touchy person like her mama. By 2 pm Callie was tired and crying and it was a long walk out of the park. We will visit again since we have a membership now and I think it will still be fun, it just wasn't ideal for catching up with friends today. Should have chosen the park..... Sorry guys. Hope you still had fun.

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