Monday, March 25, 2013

11 Months Old

I forgot to bring Callie's 11 month sticker to CT and I didn't have my dslr camera so I didn't take photos on her actual 11 month bday, but hey it's just 4 days late :)
It's actually hard to take photos of her now as she moves! I am playing with camera settings and she just disappears before I can get the photo. Callie is on the move! Besides that she tends to pull the sticker off right away and wander off into her own fun rather than smile and laugh at me. Regardless I got some good ones. I think I really captured the essence of Callie and the things she is into right now; pulling books off the shelf, playing with stuffed animals, pointing, plucking flower petals, walking!
This month Callie has really grown. I don't have a height and weight but she seems taller and heavier. Her face has thinned out a little and she also looks older to me. She has taken off in her walking abilities. She can walk pretty far without falling, I'd say over 100 feet. Callie can also turn while walking and stand still in one place. Before she could walk but she couldn't stop without falling or running into furniture. She still prefers to hold hands sometimes and she reaches out to grab your hand and then drags you where she wants to go. It used to be me holding 2 hands and leading her but now she only uses one and the other hand is pointing at where she wants to go.
She has also gotten pretty good at using utensils. She wants to do EVERYTHING herself. I try to help but she doesn't want you in her way. She prefers to have real plates, bowls, and silverware, no plastic kid kinds. Callie has gotten pretty good with the fork. If you help stab the food she will eat off the fork. Surprisingly, forks and bowls seem to really help her eat things she may not even like that much. It adds fun I guess? She points at things, talks and babbles all the time, claps, and waves buh bye. I still am not sure she has a word that she really consistently uses and knows its meaning. She has better receptive language as she really seems to understand now when you talk to her. The word we hear the most is dog and you can see her love of our dogs probably drives that. She was excited to see them again after her vacation. She also copies words and phrases you say, sometimes shockingly well. She tends to babble quite a bit.
Callie still has 6 teeth, but there are 2 new ones just breaking through the gums on the lower gums.
Overall so far this has been my favorite month with Callie. I feel like I say that every month :) I'm sure when she hits tantrum age I will say I miss her at 11 months.... Enjoy!

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  1. You definitely played dress up with her this time! Love all of them.


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