Friday, March 8, 2013

Raining cats and dogs...

Today was a very rainy day. It was pouring and I had to brave the rain to take the pups to the vet for their yearly checkup before my vacation, also because LT has had these odd coughing fits and Manny is peeing a ton!
Well the rainy day made for bad news. When one dog and baby are finally stable the other goes and falls off the cliff... LTs coughing is actually congestive heart failure. Super bad news. We will treat him with medications to help his heart work better and keep him as happy and comfortable as possible but there is no fixing this one. :(
Manny may have a bladder infection but that's the least of our worries with poor LT. I go back tomorrow to get his medicines and review the bloodwork the vet took to ensure there are no other issues we are missing.
They gave him a shot of medicines to help him clear his lungs and breathe better in the meantime and he seems somewhat better already. Here are the dogs with her tonight. LT doesn't play much like manny but he's around. Callie and Manny could fight over garbage for days, they are too funny.
Hoping LT feels better and the medicines work well and he can still live a full and long life.

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  1. This breaks my heart. I will call you today!


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