Friday, March 22, 2013

Mystic Aquarium with GiGi and Grampa

Today Callie went to the Mystic Aquarium with GiGi and Grandpa. We met up with Taylor, Griffin, Miki and Ashley for a fun adventure under the sea. Callie is so curious about the fish, but she just as much likes to see the other kids. She was running all around by herself and getting into all kinds of trouble. Her favorite parts were the moorey eels and the touch and feel tank where she got to pet stingrays. I was more afraid then she was. She tried to poke it in what I think was its mouth, although I am not 100% sure and I got nervous it would bite her or she would harm it and I pulled her hand away. She would have dove right into that frigid water to touch those rays. She was so proud of herself and would have stayed for a long time, but they kicked us out as they get a break and have feeding time throughout the day. My favorite parts were the seahorses and the penguins.
Grampa stayed home from work today to take her to the aquarium and she noticed this for sure. GiGi and I were now back seat riders to Callie. She was all about her Grandpa and wanted him to walk all around with her and hold him. It was a welcome break for my arms which are constantly holding her.
After the aquarium Granpa took us to lunch in Mystic and I got to eat my favorite meal, a lobster roll. Mmmmm, classic New England at its best.
But the day didn't start out as smoothly as the rest of the day went. I fed Callie blackberries for breakfast for the first time and she broke out in a rash and hives/bumps within 45 minutes. She was very itchy trying to scratch herself in the tub. Luckily it wasn't too bad of a reaction and Benadryl worked to clear it up within a few hours. Add another food to the allergy list :( I will have the allergist test her when we go in early April to confirm. We didn't let this morning set back ruin our day though. We had a great time. And....... the day isn't even over yet. What other adventures can we get into today?

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  1. Your picture together is so cute! We looked like a disheveled mess and never went back to look at it. Callie is so adorable standing next to the penguin!


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