Thursday, March 14, 2013

Callie's travels

Well we made it across country again. It wasn't half bad actually. I was prepared for the worst trip as late last night I got a text from southwest that my flight was cancelled! 45 min later I had us rebooked on a different flight with a longer layover and more travel time. It actually ended up working out better as it gave Callie time to roam free and have a break from being cooped up in the plane seat. She didn't nap too well on the plane, only 70 minutes, but she wasn't too fussy didn't cry at all and was a trooper. We traveled from 4:30 am to 3:50 pm PST, what a long day! We made it with only one mishap.... I lost her bear! I am sure I left it on the first plane. She was playing on the floor and had him and now he is gone. She loved that bear, slept with and cuddled him every night! I called Southwest and they had me submit a lost a d found report and if he turns up they will contact me. The DeBiasi family bought her that bear and I was going to just replace it but its a $40 teddy bear from Australia!! I'm going to see if I can see a knock off to hold her over until hopefully he is found...
Here is a photo of Callie at San Diego airport rummaging through the suitcase and looking at the magazine. She is pointing to an ad that has Elmo in it, the kid is so drawn to that red furry animal!

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