Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Crying Cousins

So the saying kissing cousins doesn't apply here. Callie was successful at making her poor 2nd cousin cry. She just doesn't know how to be gentle.... Callie tried using Lily as a climbing object to get to standing and in the process pulled her hair.....hard! Once Lily started crying that was pretty much it, except maybe for sharing puffs, which Callie would steal right from in front of her as well as pretend to share, but not actually let Lily eat them. Oh that Callie is just too rough with the babies. Her and Mason did great together, wandering off down the hall together to the playroom and playing together. Callie was talking up a storm. Mason asked, "What is Callie saying to me?" we all laughed, if we only knew....
It was a fun time to get to have the kids play together. Don't you think Lily and Callie have a similar nose? Family resemblance?

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