Sunday, March 17, 2013

Breakfast with the Rhyne/Leightons

Today we had breakfast with Griffin, Taylor, Miki, And Bob. Callie devoured her food and everyone was impressed she was eating straight almond butter. She had it, a sticky mess, all over her face. Callie wanted to touch and play with Griffin but he wasn't too sure as she wanted to use him to steady herself when falling down and one time she knocked him right into the stool and he bonked his head.
Besides that we took Callie shopping at the dollar store for bubbles and balloons. She wanted to touch everything and was pulling things off the shelf. She just wanted to sit on the floor and play with the toy aisle. She had all the doll heads pulled off the shelf and then would kiss their faces. She was a riot.
I bought her a new purple fleece jacket today because it has been so cold here. We took her for a walk in the woods all bundled up in the stroller.
We had a fun day playing with all the toys. Callie has still been playing with the new Elmo doll and even woke up this morning without crying just sitting in her bed playing with Elmo.

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