Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's Day at school

Callie had her valentines celebration at school today. She asked to buy her teacher a valentines balloon and I couldn't say no. She was too adorable in her red shirt and excited to bring the balloon to her teacher. I signed up to bring eggless brownies to school, made three batches which all went in the trash. So we stopped at the store and bought packaged entemanns instead. Callie was fine with that.
And we have been getting ready for Valentine's Day. We are giving to others this year and decided to deliver Valentines to the senior home near our house. Callie calls it the old people house so we are trying to adjust to the word senior by Sunday. She loves this senior home and has said for nearly a year that she is going to live in THAT house. I think it's because it looks like a giant beautiful house she thinks it's just like a castle. Hopefully she isn't shy or disappointed because I think she will enjoy handing out Valentines. I called to ask if we could deliver Valentines and they were excited and said yes we need 75. How could I say I'm that's too many? So instead we have been creating 75 valentines for days. Here are the two putting glitter glue as a finishing touch. I'll make sure to get a good photo of her at the place.

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