Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy check ups

Callie had a check up with nephrology today for her blood pressure. For the first time in a long time she had a fabulously normal blood pressure level at the visit. The doctor was super nice and spent the time to talk to us after all we have been through in the past year. At this point she is still labeled as white coat hypertension. In 6 months she will have another 24 hour bp monitoring to be sure that her sleeping Bp is low enough. If that goes well she can "graduate" from these check ups. It was all great news and she was so nice. Callie did wonderful even though she was initially scared and we made a reward trip to toys r us in the afternoon.
Before the check up we went to play at the park. It was windy but they still had such a great time. After all the doctors visits and hospital trips last year today felt like a great start to 2016. Let's hope it keeps going this way.

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