Saturday, February 6, 2016

Birthdays and tidepools

We celebrated Grants 1st birthday. Callie loved the train theme and especially the train hat and whistle she went home with. Unfortunately both kids took seperate spills resulting in 2 scraped knees, one scraped cheek, a scraped forehead and a very swollen elbow. So far they seem ok but we will watch Diegos poor elbow a bit longer to be sure it's nothing major.
After the party I took Callie to Carlsbad to go tidepooling. That's when the tide goes really low and leaves pools of water in rocky areas where fish and animals get stuck and hang out until the tide comes back in. We saw snails, anemones, guppies, crabs, and heard others nearby saw an octopus! The kids actually just enjoyed playing in the water more than the tidepools and especially loved the shallow water and incoming tides and waves. It was very warm at nearly 80 degrees but I didn't anticipate Callie would go so deep in cold water, so I didn't even bring her a bathing suit. It was a fun adventure but I'll be more prepared next time.

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