Sunday, February 21, 2016

Boots and underpants

Diego wore underpants today. After swimming we were in the garage getting them dressed from the clean laundry pile and I gave him some underpants since I didn't have any diapers there. He loved it and was all excited to walk around in his underpants. To make it fancier he wore his rain boots with underpants. Fashion statement!! He even pooped on the potty today! What a big boy. He also sat on the potty in underpants and shorts and peed right through both layers saying pee pee. Well nice try... I'm sure hoping when he hits two he is as good as Callie was at potty training. He made it 90 min without peeing in his underpants and even went for a walk down the street and back dry. Hopefully that's a promising sign for when the time gets closer.

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