Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Boo gets shoes

Most of you know that Diego has a beloved stuffed animal that he carries everywhere he named Boo. He's a flat homely bear with x shaped eyes and a line nose. I'm not sure why this one was the one he attached to but you could never convince him otherwise. He loves Boo, hugs and kisses him and cares for him like a baby. Diego noticed Callie changing her baby doll diaper and then brought me a baby cloth diaper and handed it to me. I put it on Boo which was what I assumed he wanted. Afte a few days of changing Boos diaper, I thought how about clothes for Boo? I took out some old pajamas I had already cut the arm off in my sewing pile. Diego understood me asking about Boo needing pajamas and then yesterday he sat down and watched me intently while I sewed the pajamas into a much smaller size for Boo. These specific pajamas had little sneaker footies and Diego kept pointing at them and saying shoes. So I cut them off and sewed them to the foot part of the Boo size pajamas. Diego loves it! He won't et me take the pajamas off Boo and he has now been wearing them for 2 days straight. It's pretty darn cute if you ask me. Now I just need to get Boo a change of clothes so as he gets covered in snot and food daily he can get cleaned up now and again. What do you think?

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