Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day

This year I tried a few new things to promote giving. Of course you heard we were going to deliver valentines to the senior home. Callie didn't hand out a single Valentine! Yep that's right she didn't hand out any or say a word the whole time we were there... Ugh! Luckily Diego stepped in and delivered nearly all the valentines and even said Happy Valentines Day to a bunch of people. He gave out a few high fives and fist bumps and was adorable at the same time. Callie was cute but hid behind my leg the whole time and was shy. She says she still had fun but I wish she actually warmed up and handed out a few. A few seniors really tried to talk to her and get her out of her she'll but she wasn't budging. There were quite a few dogs at this place and the kids loved that. They got to pet the dogs and they were all very friendly and well trained. All in all it was still a good adventure that I think the residents enjoyed. Callie still did a lot of giving in the making of all the valentines. Maybe with a second visit she will get the hang of it.
The other giving we integrated in was for each kid to go shopping for the other. We set a budget and took the kids out to pick something for the other. Callie wasn't too thrilled at first to go to the store and not shop for herself. But she got the hang of it and was very happy with what her brother picked out for her and seemed genuinely pleased he liked the train she (and daddy) picked. Hopefully this is a tradition we can continue to help them understand that giving is just as important as receiving.
Happy Valentines Day!!

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