Sunday, February 28, 2016

Braving the beach waves

We had been planning to go to the beach today and catch up with Nicky and Hunter a bit. Usually the kids like to play in the water no matter how cold it is. But today we had a surf advisory for large waves and strong rip currents. So I figured we would go to the beach but just play in the sand mostly. That being said notice I am wearing regular clothes in these photos and that I end up soaking wet! Diego still isn't feeling the best and he wanted nothing to do with the water and the sand for that matter. He mostly just wanted to be held, but I tried my best to get a few good shots of him at the beach. Callie had an awesome time in the waves even when she got knocked down and we were way up where it was dry when the waves went out. They were very large waves, so you can see why it was a bad idea when I knelt down to hold both kids for a photo, although I think the surprised look on Callie and my face says it all.

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