Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sick kids

Don't judge me for the lack of posts, we haven't been having much fun at our house. Both kids have been so sick. Yesterday I brought Diego to urgent care as he was so miserable and just seemed to be getting worse by the hour. Turns out he has a small pneumonia caused by this respiratory virus he has been battling. He's been coughing so much he pukes and has this terribly sad little raspy voice. Now he is on antibiotics today was the first day he didn't have a fever. Now let's hope he can sleep more than 45 min at a time as we are exhausted here.
Callie is doing better on her antibiotics. Back to sleeping all night just coughing still. Manny has made her bed his official sleeping quarters now and so both of them are very happy to be together at night.
I snapped a photo of sick D when he finally fell asleep when I was holding him. Poor little guy was miserable at urgent care for hours. Then today Callie had special daddy and Callie time and the activity she chose was building a hospital out of Legos... Only Callie would come up with this. When I took the photo she got mad as she said she wasn't finished yet.

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