Wednesday, September 30, 2015

One of a kind

Callie sometimes does such strange things. Today in mid 80 degree weather she took it on herself at nap time to change into shorts and a tank top but then put a velour jacket on top. She also put on her favorite Elsa sandals and then went to sleep that way. Really?? She was sweaty and hot when we she woke up.
I also want to show off her writing skills. She has been practicing her letters more and more. This weekend we drew pictures and she made this for PaPa Ed. She wanted to write his name on the paper so I showed her one letter at a time on a seperate paper and she wrote them all down. Can you see it? Pretty impressive right? This is the first thing besides her name I have seen her write. She did sign her name on the bottom and got the letters out of order, but hey you can't be perfect.

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